Photography of some of the pottery that was found during excavation at Koukonisi, Lemnos.
Archaeological Science Exhibit

SEM-EDS analysis of the pottery discovered in the prehistoric site Koukonisi, Lemnos.

Black and white image of man with overlain text which reads Bertrand Russell in 1968
Bertrand Russell in 1968

This exhibit explores the legacy of Bertrand Russell through a selection of archival objects which relate to the social and political upheavals of 1968.

Cholera in the Age of Science and Revolution

Cholera in the Age of Science and Revolution

English 3NN3 Project Page

Showcasing the work of students in English 3NN3

HI 2PP3 EXHIBIT 3: Valerie and Phillip

Our exhibit showcases a variety of artefacts from ancient Mesopotamia, in order to demonstrate the complexity of socioeconomic factors in Mesopotamian societies, and how these factors contributed to their success and prosperity.

HIS 2PP3 (2023) — Aleem + Ryan

Memory and Legacy - Obituaries and the Remembrance of Judith Robinson

HISTORY 2PQ3 Arts in the Fertile Crescent; Assyria as an Artistic Superpower

The historical and influential artistic discoveries in Ancient Mesopotamia. The building blocks of civilizations and exploring Assyria as an artistic superpower in the ancient world. Importantly the artistic inventions of the Assyrian and Babylonian Empires and the emphasis on writing all the way to mythology.


The exhibit proposes an overview of the Arabic Calligraphy with a focus on the Andalusian Maghribi style, and Al-Qandusi (d 1278/1861) as a calligrapher. And the objective of the proposed primary source is to explore the Prophetology and Calligraphy in Morrocco during the Nineteenth Century, through the life and the work of Al-Qandussi. Various posters, by calligrapher Muhammad Bin Al-Qasim al-Qundusi, were obtained from Wikimedia Commons. Among them is a large calligraphic representation of “Allah” (God in Arabic) from the 19th century, on display at the courtyard of the Zawiya of Moulay Idris II in Fes, Morocco.

Remembering Margaret Lyons

Margaret Lyons was a broadcaster, an executive, a leader, a wife and a mother. She is also the reason Lyons New Media Centre exists today. We dedicate this website to her memory and her legacy.

The Ethnobiological Evolution of Owls in Western Europe

Completed by Diogo, Spencer and Danyal

To Ask the Proper Questions: The History of Science as Told by Books

From the writings of Francis Bacon and Vitruvius to the 20th-century environmental science of Rachel Carson, the history of science has been given shape by monumental achievements in writing. These books have served as milestones which changed the course of human affairs; their discoveries (and false starts) continue to shape our social and technological discourse to this day. Here we present a first-hand look at some of these iconic texts, dating from the 17th to the 20th century.

Wherein She Plainly Shews: Women of the Printing Trades in the Hand-Press Era

Celebrating women's contributions to printing and book art in Britain, Ireland, and France during the hand-press period.

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