Short Story "Elise"



Short Story "Elise"


Elise, the young female protagonist in this medieval-era short story, has an ambition to become an archer. Her father however, warns her that women aren't meant to engage in such activities. Elise nonetheless sneaks out every morning to practise with her bow and arrow near the river. One day, she makes the decision to compete in the upcoming archery event in an effort to prove to everyone that women are capable of having equal skill levels to males.

Thomas, Elise's childhood friend, attempts to talk her out of it, but she is undeterred. She practises secretly over the following two weeks, and on the day of the competition, she assumes a man's identity to compete. Elise blends in with the other male contestants thanks to an old shirt, some leggings, and a deeper voice.

When it's finally her turn to shoot, Elise takes careful aim at the target and pulls back her bowstring. Will she be successful in hitting the target and proving that women can excel at archery? This story delves into the issues of gender roles and challenging society's norms. Elise's tenacity and bravery serve as evidence that anybody can achieve their dreams if they are willing to put up a fight for them.


Sourena Noori