Cosmetics & The Middle Ages: Glamorized Beauty or Detrimental Expectation?



Cosmetics & The Middle Ages: Glamorized Beauty or Detrimental Expectation?


For the un-essay, I chose to create an infographic that specifically exemplifies and shares the beauty and cosmetic industry within the Middle Ages. With specific attention to the beauty industry, I researched and determined three key competencies that occur as a result of the industry within this timeframe, including health risks, the male gaze and implied/preferred whiteness. Evidential traces of implied racism, power dynamics through gender, as well as granted power in whiteness have stemmed from the Middle Ages, however, there has been a lack of discourse and conversation surrounding intersectional and imperative themes such as the disregard for women’s health. Throughout this infographic, I use this platform to not only exploit the competencies mentioned but also speak on the role these competencies acquire during the current period as well. Within the graphic, one will be able to not only educate themselves on the detrimental expectation during the Middle Ages but also, understand the timeline and evolution of the detriments in the beauty that have since evolved and grown into the modern industry we know today. The graphic contains a written component on the left of the page, allowing an in-depth synopsis of the conversation at hand while also including a diagramed image of a woman within the Middle Ages to the right, creating a detailed and labelled diagram of the cosmetics and beauty often used within the Middle Ages


Mia Spadafora