The coat of arms for the Kingdom of McMaster



The coat of arms for the Kingdom of McMaster


The coat of arms for the Kingdom of McMaster University was the focal point of my medieval project. Coat of arms were used to represent a kingdom, and/or family. Coat of arms would have to be presented at battles, inside castles, as well as on the knights' armour. I created a hand-made wooden crest and a flag to represent the coat of arms of McMaster University. The crest and flag have a mixture of the McMaster University logo along with the Humanities symbol. I wanted to portray the faculty of Humanities. This was a modern-day re-creation of a coat of arms, meaning that the process it took to create both the flag and the crest was able to be modified by using modern-day tools and materials, such as wood sheets, jigsaw, paint, a Cricut machine, and much more.
This experience gave me an appreciation for the workers during the medieval times and how many different trades would go into one small part of the creation. This would have taken multiple days to create these two factors of the coat of arms. The modern-day recreation of the crest and flag were difficult even while using modern-day tools. I am ecstatic to share the final results with you!


Emaly Martin