HIS 2PP3 (2023) — Harrison + Braden


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  • Judith Robinson: Profits For The Buccaneers

    This article is coverage of the internal strife in the House of Commons. It shows the house members turning on one another and is another example of the pipeline being described as a "waste of taxpayer money".
  • Progress and Pipelines: Judith Robinson

    A Judith Robinson article from The Telegram that discusses the main concern of the pipeline debate; the interference of the United States.
  • PIPELINE by William Kilbourn

    This book illustrates the origins of the pipeline debate in 1956, but also the social fallout. It is a deep dive into the financial woes of the liberal party at the time, as well as the lasting effect on C.D. Howe and his legacy following accusations of anti-patriotism.
  • Energy and Society: A Critical Perspective

    This is one of the books I used as my peer-reviewed secondary source. This elucidates the issues that can arise when building a pipeline nowadays can cause. Note this covers Environmental Impact, Indigenous Rights, Public Safety, Economic Benefits, and Regulatory Framework.
  • Economic Crisis Cartoon

    This cartoon Judith Robinson attached in her book THIS IS ON THE HOUSE characterizes the fact that the government is misusing taxpayer money. A series of similar cartoons portray and focus only on the economic issues the pipeline causes.

    Judith Robinson has a column where people voice their opposition towards the pipeline. People think they are misusing tax-payer money and should be using it Note this can be considered as social issues.

    Judith Robinson discusses the pipeline debate in a single chapter and expresses her worries about the pipeline being built. Makes a note of the mismanagement of tax-payer money.