Letter from Anne Russell to Lucy and Sarah Russell



Letter from Anne Russell to Lucy and Sarah Russell


Anne writes to her sisters upon learning of her mother’s remarriage in 1962.


Anne Russell


12 February 1962


Lucy Russell fonds, Box 2, File 2


Feb. 12th 1962

Dear both,

I have just heard that Mummy is remarried. Obviously she wants to begin a new life, without obstacles & interference. I once wrote her & she was very cross with me, so if you two have the nerve to do so, she won’t only be cross, but FURIOUS. Also I have no letters & don’t ever want to read them. In the distant past of my memory, they were not worth reading. Bron [?] has your £5, which she will give you when you ask, wait till you leave. It almost sounds as if you want a little excitement & are getting into quite a “state,” but perhaps you are curious.

You would do yourselves both a lot of good if you lived your own life, BUT take a lesson from our unfortunate & silly parents don’t make mistakes and DON’T MAKE THEM YOUNG.

I’m nearly grown up & until then, I’m sticking to my rule of biding my time & humping it with indifference. We ARE NOT GOING TO CARRY ON THE SORDID TRADITIONS OF OUR ANCESTORS.

I am not doing Aldermaston, I think you would cause everyone trouble if you did, e.g. it would involve dear Dora (where to stay & worry & meals & going from Cornwall to London & etc. etc.). G&G would start a lot of cross-questioning for every detail, endless correspondence & worry.

If you, Sa [Sarah], can prove to me that your book of handwriting is authentic, i.e. written by a psychologist & not by promoters for Italics handwriting that none of the statements are controversial & that it isn’t guess work & conjecture & the proof is damning, I might be interested!! My hand is stiff with cold, be self-controlled & practical & you should stay sane, love Anne XXX

PS I asked Susie what she thought, she says your idea bad, leave her alone.
Referring to mistakes (young) Don’t make them young at the expense of your future life.