Incomplete short story written by Lucy



Incomplete short story written by Lucy


The first page of a seven-page incomplete fairy tale written by Lucy. The story, about three princesses in the custody of a King, bears similarity to the circumstances of Lucy’s upbringing. The three princesses are, she notes, ‘very lonely,’ and the environment described in the story is claustrophobic.


Lucy Russell


ca. 1964-1970


Lucy Russell fonds, Box 7, File 1


Once upon a time there were three lovely princesses who had no mother. As long as they could remember they had lived with their father and their uncle, the king, in a huge palace made of crystal, and they were very lonely. For this was no ordinary palace; everything in it was perfectly round; the walls were round, the floors were round, the doors and windows would have been round if there were any, but, as it was all perfectly transparent, there was no need for windows, and round apertures joining the round rooms together served as doors. All the furniture was round or oval in shape; the curtains were cut in circles, the carpets and chairs were circular, even the knives were [. . .]