Excerpt from miniature pocket diary, 1969



Excerpt from miniature pocket diary, 1969


Here Lucy writes about what she wants out of life. She says, “What I want, by me: A home, a man, a child, a career, a livelihood, a group of friends, to travel, to advance mentally, to be high to be healthy to be happy [. . .]”.


Lucy Russell




Lucy Russell fonds, Box 4, File 11


What I want, by me—a home a man a child a career a livelihood a group of friends to travel to advance mentally to be high to be health to be happy

A cottage in the country but not to be cut off irrevocably or badly; a flat in the city but not to be overwhelmed or alienated. A love that keeps growing a child that grows lovely and lovingly. A career that isn’t a trap, and is harmless intellectual stimulation. Comforts—emotional and physical. Moon growth, sun growth, soon [mun?], a living honestly earned without slavery or slaving or slavishness and enjoyment in it. Friends who are understanding & kind.