Statement by Bertrand Russell on the situation in Czechoslovakia



Statement by Bertrand Russell on the situation in Czechoslovakia


Long, C.


Bertrand Russell


Sep. 24, 1968




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war resisters' international
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"Support Czechoslovakia" Action
24 September 68

Text of Statement by Bertrand Russell, 24th September 1968
September 24, 1968

During the past few weeks, a great number of organisations and individuals have been in touch with me about the Soviet invasion of Czechoslavakia. Among these is the War Resisters' International, which has informed me of the demonstrations which it has organised today in the capital cities of those Warsaw Pact countries which invaded Czechoslovakia.

I have been anxious always to stress to such organisations that in the West only those who have opposed consistently the American war in Vietnam and other examples of imperialism have a moral right to condemn the Soviet Union, and only such opponents of imperialism will be valuable allies of the Czechoslovak people. The War Resisters' International, whose members have never been cold warriors, has not only earned the right to condemn this invasion, but has accepted it as a duty to help the peoples in the invading countries to understand the realities of the situation in Czechoslovakia. I earnestly hope that today's demonstrations, by longstanding opponents of NATO and the war in Vietnam, will help to make known the absence of justification for the invasion, and diminish the threat of persecution of Czechoslovaks who have played a leading role in asserting their right to determine their own road to socialism.

Text of Statement by Bertrand Russell, dictated to War Resisters' International and reproduced by it.