The Quest - a Medieval Board Game



The Quest - a Medieval Board Game


My group spent the semester planning and creating a medieval-themed board game, which we have described as a combination of Candyland and Dungeons and Dragons. We all created unique figurines for the player to use to move across the board, and each character has a creative backstory complete with unique advantages to help you in the game, so choose your character wisely! The board itself is hand-painted with four quadrants, beginning your player's journey in the prairie before moving into the forest, the village, and finally, the kingdom where you can seek your reward (a magic stone that gives you what you most desire! The stones look suspiciously like Starburst candies...). Each square corresponds with a card at the side of the board, which describes whatever obstacle your character faces on that square before urging you to move forward, backward, skip a turn, or roll for your fate! The black squares are Plague squares, and should you land on them, you must skip three turns to recover. The magic gold squares enchant your character, so you no longer have to move backward for the rest of the game! We had an absolute blast creating the game and even more fun playing it. Think of this game as creating your own epic medieval poem or as the biggest crossover episode of medieval literature ever!


Alicia Petrie