Our Medieval Showcase Project for ENGLISH 3NN3

Hello to all and welcome to our online exhibit showcasing the medieval projects completed by students of McMaster’s ENGLISH 3NN3 - Sex, Gender, and Marriage: Medieval Romance. Throughout the Winter 2023 semester, students of this course explored the roles that sex, gender and marriage played in the romantic literary genre of the medieval period. As part of the culminating assignment, each student was tasked with creating a project that reflected their understanding of the material and presenting it at a medieval fair on campus.

The projects on display here are a testament to the creativity and diversity of our class. From short tales and plays to baked goods and blankets, the unique talents of our students are on display with every project here. The in-person showcases/medieval fairs on March 31 and April 4 were a resounding success, with attendees immersing themselves in the sights, sounds, and tastes of medieval life. 

As you browse through our online exhibit, we invite you to take a journey back in time and experience the world of medieval romance for yourself. The projects on display here on Omeka offer a unique glimpse into the Middle Ages and the various romantic themes that encompass these times. We hope that our showcase will inspire you to delve deeper into this rich literary tradition and explore the ways in which it continues to influence our contemporary understanding of love and relationships.