The Quest - A Medieval Board Game



The Quest - A Medieval Board Game


This group project board game was inspired by the literary plot and character archetypes we have studied in our Medieval Literature class. The board game is designed to be simple so anyone can play while including elements of role-play so that players can be transported into their role while experiencing all the surprises our game offers. Every member created a unique character based on Medieval societal roles, such as knights and priests, to literary character archetypes, such as fairies, werewolves and wizards. I created a werewolf character named Louis de Garou inspired by the story Bisclavret which features a werewolf trapped in his wolf form when his wife stole his clothes. I was intrigued by the story so I crafted a character whose goal was to recover his human clothes so he could revert to his human form. The players aim to reach the castle first to have their character's wish granted first. With a roll of the dice, the number dictates how many spaces the character will move with each colour (red = danger, orange = magic, yellow = happiness, green = nature, blue = people, pink = love and purple = royalty) dictating what card the character will draw if they landed on the spot. The card will detail a scenario that will either help or hinder the character. The Black squares are plague squares that keep the character stagnant for three turns, while the gold squares enchant the character to no longer move back. The game and figurines are completely hand-crafted and we hope that this game allows players to become inspired to learn more about Medieval literature and history while having fun discovering every unique tidbit of lore we have included.


Jasmine G. Crawshaw