Modern Interview on a Medieval Period Tournament



Modern Interview on a Medieval Period Tournament


The project I have created involves a modern interviewer speaking with people from the medieval era and asking their thoughts and opinions on a recent tournament. The project uses the juxtaposition of modern and medieval themes to demonstrate what kinds of thoughts people had on these events. Through a similar telling to how sports networks interview fans and players after games, the modern interviewer speaks with a variety of people who have mixed opinions. From classism to personal safety, I tried to incorporate a variety of themes as well as trying to get into the mindset of what different people would worry about back then. This project was a lot of fun to do but also very time-consuming. As I did this by myself, I had to do all of the script writing, directing, editing and everything that came with this project. I am very thankful to have amazing friends willing to participate in my project. I had an amazing time doing this project and sharing this experience with my friends, who were happy to participate.


Rodrigo Minassian