POV: You're alive during the Black Plague



POV: You're alive during the Black Plague


For my Medieval Project, I created a "Choose Your Own Adventure" computer game that takes place during the Black Plague. My game allows players to assume the role of a peasant or a Lord, who must decide how they are going to afford to support themselves as well as their family during the Black Plague. This game focuses on the socio-economic conditions and labour market during the Black Plague in London, England. Players have the chance at one of ten possible endings in the game, depending on whether the player makes financially and economically sound decisions. Decisions include whether or not you choose to keep working during the pandemic, if you should start a business during severe labour shortages, etc. I created this game to educate others about economic changes during the Black Plague in Europe. During the years of the Black Plague, many peasants were afraid to continue working due to the quick spread of the disease, which exasperated fears of dying of starvation. Due to the decreased population after the Black Plague, there was a high demand for workers, which impacted many employers' businesses as workers began to demand higher wages or better compensation. In an age of Covid-19, now, more than ever, it is important to reflect on past pandemics to understand trends in our economy and changes to people's socio-economic status.

The link to play this game can be found here: https://risha012.itch.io/pov-youre-alive-during-the-black-plague


Risha Khosla