Makeup and Hair Artist for the Mediaeval Play, "Ye Good Old Bard"



Makeup and Hair Artist for the Mediaeval Play, "Ye Good Old Bard"


As an experienced makeup and hair artist, I have had the opportunity to work on a diverse range of projects from music video shoots to bridal parties. However, I am always eager to expand my horizons and take on new challenges. When presented with the opportunity to work on a school project, I saw it as a chance to bring my skills and creativity to a new arena.

As a makeup and hair artist for our medieval play "Ye Good Old Bard," my responsibility was to create unique designs for each character that was authentic to the time period while also aligning with their individual personalities and social statuses. My work helped to visually distinguish each character as well as convey important information about their social status and role in the play's narrative. This required researching medieval beauty standards, social hierarchy, and character backgrounds. It was also important for me to have one-on-one conversations with some of my group members who played the roles of specific characters. This was crucial in understanding their visions for their characters' appearances. A lot of the knowledge I gained from this project was through course readings and artwork, such as the popularity of curly and voluminous hair during the medieval era. Our play also consisted of a “modern” character, the Layman. Through her, I was able to showcase the difference between how we do our glam today versus how people in the middle ages used to for their glam.

Overall, my role as a makeup and hair artist was an important tool in bringing medieval characters to life on stage, and without it, the idealized beauty standards and physical characteristics that were celebrated during that period would not have been fully captured.


Jaskaran Sahota