“Sir Magnus: The Lost Prince” Short Story



“Sir Magnus: The Lost Prince” Short Story


For my project, I attempted to create a medieval romance with an original plot. In my short story, a witch kidnaps a prince as a baby. This baby is rescued by a knight of a neighboring kingdom, who raises our protagonist to become a knight as well. The protagonist works closely with the king, eventually meeting and falling for his daughter. After resisting the witches temptations and refusing to sin, the protagonist is reunited with his father, realises his role as prince, and returns to the neighboring kingdom to marry his love. The experience of writing the story has given me further insight on the norms of society in the Middle Ages, deepening my understanding of writing processes, practices, norms, and traditions. Through the protagonist, I showcase themes of chivalry, loyalty, transformation, honesty, devotion, and piety. I do so through both his experiences and actions. I also briefly went over the basic process of becoming a knight in the time period. Many inspirations I had for themes and concepts in the story came from other medieval stories such as Bisclavret, Floris and Blancheflor, and Havelok the Dane. I also made a page from the story into one from an illuminated manuscript. I chose to use this page to act as a summary for the scene as a whole.


Devon Mancini