The Quest: A Medieval Board Game



The Quest: A Medieval Board Game


For the final project in our Medieval romance class, my group decided to make a Medieval-themed board game, “The Quest”. Each group member created a unique, fictional character based off of an element from the Middle Ages. These characters each have their own backstories, with strengths and weaknesses that are based off of their histories. The objective of the game is for a player to choose a character based on their descriptions and move through the board as fast as they can, as the first player to finish the quest wins the granting of one wish. The game is set into four quadrants, featuring a meadow, enchanted forest, peasant village and the royal kingdom where the game finishes and the wish is granted. The coloured tiles correspond with coloured cards that can either advance or deter a player’s game. The cards have the potential to move a character forward, backward or to skip a turn, and each card details advantages for certain players, based off of their backstories. The gold squares on the board are the luckiest of all. When a player lands on a gold square, they become enchanted and can only move forward and not backward for the remainder of the game. In our experience playing the game, players that landed on gold squares were often most likely to win, making it extremely exciting to land on one. The black squares on the board represent the black plague- players that land on this square must skip three turns in order to recover while watching their opponents pass them by.


Jacqueline Szatkowski