Coats of Arms, Quilting and Embroidery: Payne Family Crest



Coats of Arms, Quilting and Embroidery: Payne Family Crest


This project is a quilt created by me and my three other group members, each of us completing one of four squares which we then combined together to create a full quilt. The inspiration behind this project came from a medieval quilt entitled the “Tristan Quilt.” The Tristan Quilt is one of the oldest surviving quilts in the world and is embroidered with pictures to depict the legend of Sir Tristan and Isolde. This quilt project took the idea of an embroidered quilt and put our spin on it. Instead of depicting a story with my quilt, I decided to represent my family through my family crest, pulling on the traditional family themes often created and passed down through medieval quilts.

The quilt was created by taking a piece of fabric 4 feet by 2 feet and sewing together with batting in between. Once this had been done, the quilt was hand embroidered with the design of a shield with a line in the middle and a lion’s head placed on top of it. This is representative of the Payne family crest, which depicts three lions on top of a red-striped crest. Although it is not exactly the same, the lion's head is a simpler design that represents the traditional family crest.


Aidan Payne