Acting for the Mediaeval Play, "Ye Good Old Bard"



Acting for the Mediaeval Play, "Ye Good Old Bard"


For the Final Medieval Project, my group and I chose Option C: the Larger Project, where we decided to put on a Medieval farce play based on a classic rendition of a knight's tale. This performance illustrated a goofy tale about a woman, named Alexandra, who dreamed of escaping the confines of gender roles and becoming a Noble Knight for the King. Disguising herself as a man named Alexander, she volunteers herself for the King's quest in retrieving his most precious treasure, his Queen, from a ferocious Dragon. As all great knights do before setting out on their adventure, Alexandra ventured to the local Tavern where the Keeper provided her with expected insight on her grand quest to becoming a Knight. She must pay a toll to the Troll guarding a bridge, defeat the wit and whimsy of a fairy, and slay the mighty, Queen-stealing Dragon. Then, will she find the Queen, return her to the heartbroken King, and be granted her heart's truest desire: to become a King's Knight. However, how will she overcome these obstacles and achieve her heart's greatest desire when she's too afraid of facing society's damnation on her sex? That is her biggest challenge.

Want to know what happens to our brave Knight-to-be? Watch the YouTube video!


Sarah Worron