My Coat of Arms



My Coat of Arms


For my project, I used information gathered from my research, on the importance of a coat of arms, to develop my own modernized version. Through this process, I started with analyzing each element of a coat of arms: a shield, helmet, wreath, mantling, and crest. Additional elements consist of supporters, compartments, and a motto. For my coat of arms, I used my favourite colour and zodiac sign, pink and Taurus, to illustrate my shield. My helmet was represented by a beret to symbolize artistry and creativity. My wreath included the flags and colours of my nationality and heritage: Canadian and English. The mantling is displayed through flower vines, which signify my femininity and the beauty of being a woman. It also signifies continuous growth in life. My crest incorporates my passions, which are writing and geography. I also included the McMaster Marauders logo to represent my university, which plays a role in my identity, as well as both my majors: English and Geography. I included supporters, in the form of football (soccer) players, to illustrate the support that sport has had in my life. I incorporated my typical uniform in the drawing of the supporters to resemble a more authentic version of my connection to football (soccer). Finally, I have the motto, placed below the rest of the image. The motto contains my full name, as this is a crucial aspect of my identity. Though it also consists of the saying: “Something you win, sometimes you learn.” This saying reminds me to take a positive perspective on life and to take every opportunity to grow. I really enjoyed creating my own coat of arms and I’m even more overjoyed at the final result. Here’s a photo of my coat of arms. I hope you enjoy!


Kiara S. Parkinson