The Quest - a Medieval Board Game



The Quest - a Medieval Board Game


The project my group brought to life for the Medieval Showcase was a (gorgeous) handmade Medieval board game, with 6 distinct characters represented by mini figurines (some were 3D printed, others handmade), six distinctly categorized colours of cards, each matching their respective painted squares on the path. We also compiled character biographies to give insight into Medieval life and its people and curated a rule book to help players situate themselves, further providing insight. The cards allow players to interact with the board, moving forward or backward in correlation with the actions/occurrences displayed on the cards. We also wanted to help players as best as we could, therefore we gave each of the characters a specific immunity that would advantage them in the game. We also provided them with two gold squares, which granted players the advantage of only moving forward from that point on, regardless of the potentially disadvantageous cards they may be faced with.


Sacha LaRocque