The Quest - a Medieval Board Game



The Quest - a Medieval Board Game


My group spent most of the semester planning a board game we call The Quest. The game allows you and your character to experience a medical adventure. Be sure to choose your character wisely because each group member created a character that has its own unique advantages. When you land on a square you must choose a card that is the same colour. Each colour represents the content of the card. For example, green represents nature, purple is royalty, pink is love, etc. The card will give you a scenario that will either let you move forward, backward, or stay where you are. If you land on a black square then you have caught the Black Plague and must stay where you are for three turns. If you land on a gold square then you have become enchanted and no longer have to move back. The purpose of the game is to be the first player to reach the castle. Hidden inside the castle is a magical treasure that will grant you a wish. My group chose to use candy as our magical treasure, but you can use anything that you would like. We had a great time making this game and an even better time playing it.


Sydney Lowe