Medieval Woodworking and Furniture: Building a Table



Medieval Woodworking and Furniture: Building a Table


For our Medieval project, my group set out to mimic the masterful craftsmanship of Medieval woodworking in the style of a Tavern-suited, high-top table. Within the following statements, I wish to enlighten and inform you on the process of building a table, as woodworking amateurs. The process began by planning out what we wanted the table to look like and what resources we had to gather to do so. We referenced woodworking aesthetics from the Medieval times, to gain a better idea of how our table can be representative of the time period, and the work produced during this time. Once planning was complete we gathered the needed materials for the construction of the table from Home Depot, and through donations. With all the materials gathered, the next step was to construct the table. We first measured and outlined each piece of wood, using a jigsaw to cut them to the appropriate sizes. Next, we sanded down any visible texture and imperfections, to make for a smooth surface for the stain to adhere to in the next step. Once the stain was applied and had time to dry, we assembled each piece of the table, using numerous screws and brackets for a secure hold. For the finishing touches, we added leather detailing and vintage upholstery pins around the perimeter of the tabletop to tie it all together. Twenty hours of work later, we had a Medieval table that encapsulated the artistic expressions of an earlier time.


Ella Tenny