The Children of the Wicked Story



The Children of the Wicked Story


For my project I wrote a short story. I was inspired by the story of Bisclarvet as well as Floris and Blancheflour. I enjoyed how these medieval romances had components of adventure as well as romance and many other themes. Within my story there are elements of magic, the search for one’s true identity, and the contrasting ‘evils’ presented by the narrator. This causes a dilemma for the reader since Kings wish to expand their kingdoms so that their people have more land to cultivate (which is good) but at the same time conquering people who are happy in their own lands can result in war. King Vallahan is described as the villain and evil right away while his Queen takes a submissive role (common for medieval romances). The story revolves around the development of his children as well as his twin brother’s who were cast away from the kingdom while young. Some were raised by witches who are the outsiders of the kingdom and others by knights. I was inspired by the rings and cups within Floris and Blanchefleur and included a magical ring that shows the past within my story. The circle represents the continuity of life and the connection the past makes with the present. The lives of the characters all connect together at the end (no matter how much King Vallahan fights against it). I was also inspired to write strong powerful women into my story therefore adjusting the traditional gender roles seen within medieval romances in which the male hero saves the damsel in distress. I had a lot of fun writing this and have attached it below if anyone would like to read! Thank you!


Julie Ivanski