Babylonian decorative panel with striding lion

This panel was one of many that lined the main street in Babylon near the end of Mesopotamia's period of greatest prosperity.

Ultimately, it is evident through the corpus of artefacts that Mesopotamia was a remarkably advanced civilization for its time. The economic development of the state contributed in large part to their prosperity, through economic features such as a standardised currency, social programmes, and documentation of transactions. These elements in turn allowed the Mesopotamians to live relatively comfortably. In addition, the societal elements were also a contributing factor to the civilisation’s success. The hierarchies within the field of medicine, education, as well as the development of complex leisure activities such as the Royal Game of Ur, provided Mesopotamians with a high standard of living and quality of life. Overall, the socioeconomic aspects of Mesopotamian society undoubtedly helped in allowing Mesopotamia to thrive as a prosperous and wealthy civilization.

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