Sophie Hoerner - Letter to Ann - July 9th, 1915



Sophie Hoerner - Letter to Ann - July 9th, 1915


This is a page from a letter from Sophie Hoerner to Ann, one of her friends, written on July 9th, 1915. In early 1915, Hoerner served as a nurse with the No. 1 Canadian General Hospital and then went on to serve with the No. 3 Canadian General Hospital. In this letter, Hoerner writes about cheering up the soldiers under her care by bringing by newspapers. She talks about how hard it can be sometimes to be there but also the friends she has made along the way. Hoerner’s writings depict a vivid picture of what day to day living for military nurses was like.


July 9th, 1915


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Library & Archives of Canada


Canadian military nursing in WWI - Working and Living Conditions