General Almanac Information

An almanac is a book or table of calendars, climate information and seasonal suggestions for farmers. Early almanacs contained astrology, prophecies and predictions of the future. By the 18th century, Western science was continuing to develop and, thus, replaced the more sensationalized elements of the almanac in favour of more practical data. The three images below offer just a small look into what might have been included in almanacs during the 19th century, with a focus on the Anti-Slavery Almanac’s combination of practical and abolitionist knowledge.


Reasons for the Anti-Slavery Almanac

Information Page about the 1839 Anti-Slavery Almanac

The information page of this almanac in particular gives readers insight into the Society and all of its information, along with the catalogue of earlier issues. It also provides details about anti-slavery periodicals, why the information is important and a description and reasoning for why the image on the front cover was chosen. 


1839 moon phases

1839 Moon Phases with Info about Enslaved Students being Removed from Classes

This image offers an overall look into what the Almanac was all about: the page includes a table of predictions about the moon phases for April 1839, accompanied by miscellaneous facts and figures about tides, astrology (such as Venus being in Leo), and upcoming events that are taking place in Boston and New York. It also includes a piece about schools and the impact the inability of Black students to attend has on their communities. 

1839 Tide Heights

1839 Spring Tide Heights

This page of the Anti-Slavery Almanac focuses on the height of tides in several New England cities, most obviously being near the Atlantic. The tides coincide with the moon’s phases, as indicated in the table below it, but it is also pointed out that the first column is based on the height of the previous year’s spring tides. Tables three and four pay homage to an aspect of the original almanacs from the 15th century onwards by including astronomical characters and the signs of the zodiac.


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