Free for All Comments

During the run of NEWS, readers were allowed to voice their opinions on anything related to recent events and articles. Akin to the letters to the editor, these spaces were direct links to Robinson and her team; they were a way for anyone to have their opinions read, not just high-profile people. 

These Free For All commentary sections allow us a glimpse into how people talked about Robinson's work and efforts to other people (12)(13). Even though their comments were directed at Robinson and NEWS, these comments were public and were meant to be read by every subscriber. As such, there will undoubtedly be differences in language use and emotionality within these pages as compared to the Letters to the Editors. However, as compared to the obituaries, there are still strong emotions, both positive and negative, found within the comments. 

Free for All - The One With the Small Man

Free for All

This article contains comments which show a wanting for Robinson to do more with her platform, calling for more activism to complement all of Robinson's criticisms. 

Free for All - March 24 1945

Free for All March 24 1945

One subscriber speaks on how Robinson does not 'pull punches' and that they have chosen to follow her to NEWS. This issue shows the commitment of Robinson's audience and their passion to interact with the stories and commentary she presents. As well, this issue shows just how emotional some audiences can get with one comment calling for Robinson's internment if she is not able to verify her information. Something rare to see with news publications now.

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