This projects aims at highlighting some of Judith Robinson work relating to John Frank's House and her concern for the situation of single, homeless men in Canada through the use of various documents within the Judith Robinson Fonds. Judith Robinson was partially known for her work and deep interest in John Frank's House and providing assistance to young, single men experiencing homelessness during  the great depression. Judith Robinson wrote extensively about John Frank's House broadcasting them to her readers and highly encouraging them to support the initiative. Robinson received numerous letters and other forms of correspondence from people expressing their perspectives on Robinson's work.

Within this project, there is also reference to government documents that create a better understanding of what the extent of the homelessness situation was and how John Frank's House played a big role trying to address it. Through merging these two aspects and analyizing Robinsons involvement and coverage on the John Frank's House, a better understanding of how the government treated of homeless Canadians during the Great Depression can be formed.