The Impact

Judith Robinson's last issue was published on April 13, 1946, and spans over four pages. She spends some time acknowledging her time and work with NEWS as well as thanking her supporters.  She then talks about the moral changes that her paper made in this democracy and how her paper brought light to what was really going on. Although there were many issues and future accomplishments that Judith wishes she could have written about, she celebrates that the secret bill that was suspending habeas corpus had been cancelled. Even though this was the end of NEWS, Judith's writings questioned and criticized the Canadian government's (in)actions during World War II and brought light to various other issues. Her articles allowed Canadians to see and understand what was going on in a time of such uncertainty and gave a voice to those who did not have one. (12) Below are photos of the four pages with a brief description of what each page talks about. 

Final Article: April 13, 1946

Final Article: First Page

On this first page of Judith's last issue, she takes the time to recount her time writing with NEWS and thanking all her supporters for being there this whole time. 

Final Article Pages 2 and 3

Final Article: Pages 2 and 3

On page two (shown on the left) she continues thanking her supporters and talking about her time with NEWS. She then talks about the issues she has discussed and the changes in Canada. She talks about everything from her criticisms of Prime Minister Mackenzie King in the war effort to how the English and the French viewed WWII. She also begins talking about the changes her paper has made in Canada's democracy, even if most of them were just moral changes.  On page three (shown on the right) is an article discussing the issues that have arisen as Canada is transitioning from war to peace.  

NEWS Tribute to an Editor

NEWS: Tribute to an Editor

On page four, some kind words were written about Judith and the impact that she and NEWS had on her supporters and the issues that she discussed. It also gives some background as to why NEWS began and what Judith did before she established NEWS. 

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