Rhea Clyman to Judith Robinson

This is a letter addressed to Judith Robinson from renowned Canadian journalist Rhea Clyman. She praises Judith Robinson for her journalistic contributions while she was working at the “Globe and Mail”.

Judith Robinson, Oakley Dalgleish, “A Letter from the Editors,” NEWS

A letter scribed by editors Judith Robinson and Oakley Dalgleish underlining their motivation for starting NEWS. Further, it illustrates what they were hoping to accomplish and the configuration of the newspaper.

 NEWS halted operations in 1946, but this did not stop Judith Robinson from pursing her journalistic endeavours until her death in 19613.  Whether you agree or disagree with her stance on Canada’s miliary participation in WWII, it’s hard to argue that she didn’t embody journalistic integrity. Judith strongly believed in the right of free-press and democracy, even in the face of adversity and condemnation. Her authenticity resonated with Canadians, and this led to her obtaining an immense following at The Globe and Mail. Judith was willing to take risks and face the consequences for speaking out. Moreover, she created her own outlets (Calling Canada and NEWS) when she felt she was being continually censored. This perseverance is to be admired. Judith would look to highlight the issues of Canada’s most disenfranchised. An example of this would be her highlighting the horrid treatment of Canada’s military veterans at Christie Street Hospital3. Additionally, she played a key role in the closure of the that facility in 19463.

Judith Robinson navigated an industry that paid modestly and that was riddled with sexism and prejudice13. She was not one of the first female investigative journalists, but she was one of the first who was willing to directly call out her male counterparts. This made her feared and respected by Canadian politicians. In addition, she was admired by her peers in the press. This can be seen in a letter addressed to Judith from renowned female journalist Rhea Clyman14. She praised and deeply appreciated her work and veracity14. To Judith Robinson it was about bringing an “Unfiltered” truth on political issues to Canadians.


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