The Public Response

Thanks to the reporting of Judith Robinson and the uproar facilitated by the Women’s Emergency Committee, the public was soon exposed to the horrors of Christie Street Hospital. Part of the public was so moved that they wrote to the Women’s Emergency Committee, commending them for the work they were doing. Many people offered to support the committee and spread petitions for them throughout the country. Some readers even went so far as to share personal stories about Christie Street and Veterans' medical care. These letters are just a few reader's responses, sharing the impact of the Women’s Emergency Committee and Judith Robinson’s writing.

To the Women's Emergency Committee

This is a letter that a woman named Lilian Hodges wrote to the Women’s Emergency Committee. In this letter, she expresses her gratefulness for the work of the committee and her disgust with the current situation. Lilian expresses frustration with the government's prioritization of money for military training rather than for the care of veterans. She finishes the letter by sharing that she worries for her son and the possibility of him needing to stay in Christie Street Hospital. This intimate moment shows the raw emotions of a mother who now worries for her son’s future well-being in his home country, not just while he fights overseas. 

Copy of Letter to the Honourable Ian McKenzie

Once the public was made aware of the situation at Christie Street Hospital, some people took the initiative to contact government members. This letter was written to Minister Ian McKenzie, the minister for the Department of Pensions and Health. This letter challenges Minister McKenzie and his previous statement of having “several thousand beds” available in the hospital. The writer points out that the overcrowding of war hospitals is now causing problems and overcrowding in civilian hospitals. This caused backlogging of the entire health system and prevented patients from receiving the care that they needed. However, the moment that helps the reader understand the severity of this crisis is when the writer mentions that patients are being held in hospital hallways as there are not enough beds. 

Dear Miss Robinson

This is another personal letter responding to Judith’s writing to thank her and the Women’s Emergency Committee for their advocacy. This writer also demonstrated a personal relation to Christie Street Hospital as their friend suffers there. The writer's emotions are made clear when he expresses a wish to “shoot both McKenzies” concerning Minister Ian McKenzie and Prime Minister William Lloyd McKenzie King. 

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