The Women of World War One

Between 1914 and 1918 significant change was brought not only to Europe but the global population. With its violent beginnings in Austria-Hungary the Great War quickly became fought on all fronts and between every major power. (Howard, 2007)  Without a doubt earning the title of World War. This exhibit seeks to recognize the role of women in the war effort, as their gallant actions are often underappreciated and forgotten. This project displays Canada during the First World War, and the role of women through a collection of texts, letters, photographs, and posters. They provide a unique look into a woman’s wartime contributions both at home and overseas. The use of secondary sources will help to explain the actions of World War One and aid in the contextualization of the chosen primary sources on Canadian women during the war.

      All these sources focus on different classes of Canadian women and girls during the war to show the varied roles they took on. Showcasing the efforts of women in various capacities but mainly as nurses, munitions workers and their effort to gain the vote. The focus will continue with their contribution to society during the war, how they helped soldiers and how the feminine image was used to convince more men to join the fight. In summary, this exhibit will show the vital role that women in Canada played during the First World War in every aspect of life. Society would not have been able to function without them taking on such a large role outside their everyday lives at the time. This created growth in what was considered an acceptable occupation for a female during WWI and allowed room for change in what a woman’s role should be in society, leading to them getting the vote.