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When looking at Canadian publishing, McClelland and Stewart Inc. is often seen as one of the most important publishing houses in Canada. McClelland and Stewart Inc. have played a key role in shaping the publishing of books as well as promoting of Canadian authors in Canada and the United States. This publishing and promoting of books and authors often took a more personal role for McClelland and Stewart Inc., and it was quite common for the company to communicate with their authors as well as venture into business idea to promote the access and protection of books. The documents below capture the many aspects of the McClelland and Stewart Inc., from working with their authors, joining an organization to promote the access to books, dealing with the changing publishing practices, and helping other publishing companies. It becomes quite clear that McClelland and Stewart Inc. played a significant role in Canadian publishing. 

Producing A Book About The Progressive Conservative Party of Canada

These images display McClelland and Stewart Inc. working with Heath Macquarrie on publishing a book about the Progressive Conservative Party of Canada. Heath Macquarrie was the leader of this party and hoped that if he could publish a book about his party, his party would gain more reputation. However, the manuscript was delayed, due to an unfortunate accident. However, McClelland was willing to support Macquarrie with additional help, and personally read the manuscript and gave his own personal feedback on the piece. 

The Co-operative Book Centre

These images display the starting stages of the Co-operative Book Centre and its formation in Canada as well as the decision making that needed to be established for the company. The goal of the Co-operative Book Centre was to provide the ability to Canadian authors and publishers, as well as the General Canadian public, the ability to publish their books on a large scale in Canada, while making these books available to all Canadians. The Co-operative Book Centre would do this by asking libraires to purchase from them and slowly make a network that would span Canada. 

Copyright Problem Between Canada and America

These images display the problem of copyright that appeared between Canada and America, that caused Canadian writers to lose their protection of copyright if their book was sold in the United States. This copyright problem was due to the adoption of different copyright conventions at that time. While Canada was a part of the Berne Convention, America was a part of the Universal Copyright Convention. This problem of copyright, however, was quickly resolved with negotiations between the two nations, which eventually allowed Canadian writers work to be protected in the United States. 

Jack McClelland and Making and Marketing Books in Canada

These images display Jack McClelland working with Mr. H. P. Grundy in the publication of “Making and Marketing Books in Canada.” McClelland would provide a revised history of McClelland and Steward Inc. which would start at the company's foundation with John McClelland and F.D. Goodchild, to the date Jack McClelland sent the updated history. 

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