Example: bibliography

This page should include all the attributions for your exhibit. It should include two sections.

First, you need an "Image credits" section including attributions and licensing information for all the items in your corpus, with links to their original provenance if possible — in other words, you need to make it clear where you got them and why it’s okay to use them in an online exhibit. These are the most important attributions in your corpus — every image you’ve found online is there because of someone’s work. Even for items which are in the public domain, it is courteous to acknowledge the institution which holds the original.

Please also note that if you’re using images that have a Creative Commons license, unless that license is “CC0,” you must include the full license title and a link to the license on the Creative Commons website. Here are a few examples of image credits.

The second section should be a more traditional "works cited" section. This should include a minimum of 5 primary or secondary sources used in the research or composition of the exhibit, formatted in Chicago in bibliography style, like this: