Local Canadian News

To Dane

Judith Robinson writes Nazla L. Dane over a potential meeting to discuss NEWS. Note the mention of NEWS' financial state.

To McNulty

Judith Robinson replies to William McNulty's letter discussing his news. Note the mention of wishing to establishing a column with news from both the east and west.


Page in NEWS, depicting topics all around the world.

Judith Robinson’s establishment of NEWS was an expansive venture, covering all manner of topics relevant to Canadians—and regular news seemed to have been included as part of her scope as well. In her letter to William McNulty, she expressed her interest in having regular news from the Maritimes, as well as her wish to run a column that would cover news from both the East and West coasts. However, she did also mention her inability to do so due to the financial strain NEWS was under.[xiii] As such, this letter tells us that Robinson wished to cover all manner of topics in NEWS—which fits in line of her principle of appealing to Canadians who wished to better understand the social climate they were in. 

Another insight that these letters give us, however, is on NEWS' financial position. In both letters, Robinson hints at their financial difficulties. When writing to Dane, Robinson says that NEWS is being limited by money and as such are incapable of covering all that they wish to, as well as mentioning that their contributors are being under-paid for their work.[xiv] With this insight, we can better understand that not all of Robinson's goals for NEWS were achieved. Furthermore, it lets us view the newspaper more critically, as a lot of the articles presented in it were the furthest the team could reach with the limited funding available to them.  

In fact, looking at the early editions of NEWS, we can see that Robinson was targeting all manners of people—the newspaper mentioned news from all over the world, with a focus on wartime efforts in particular. [xv] Linking back to our previous point of NEWS being a central point in depicting war effort during the 1940s, this page further shows the importance of widespread news. NEWS was meant to depict public effort from everywhere—including all matters of news from within Canada and anything pertaining to the war effort that was happening overseas. 

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