The Establishment and Focus of NEWS


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What Do You Know About Our War Effort?

Front page of NEWS, depicting snippets on Canada's war effort taken from other newspapers.

The late 1930s up until the 1940s was a time of war and muddled political decisions—Hitler and Nazi Germany were an ever-present threat, and countries were joining the war effort one by one—but Canada’s own seemed to be lacking. The war effort staked by Canada was lacking in both preparations as well as transparency, which was a part of the mission behind why Judith Robinson and co-editor Oakley Dalgleish established NEWS. 

Meanwhile, Judith Robinson was the daughter of a prominent newspaperman—the reason behind her joining the Globe upon her father's death. However, this was not meant to last. Her strong opinions on Canada's war effort and the politicians attempting to sugercoat the news eventually led to her leaving the Globe out of a difference in opinion.

As such, this exhibit aims to explore the reasons behind why Judith Robinson established NEWS in depth. Throughout our research, we have found that Judith Robinson established the newsletter NEWS to bring attention to Canada’s ill preparation for the Second World War, provide honest information about the politicians running the country, and provide local news on the goings of Canada. 

Furthermore, our research led us to better understanding the process of creating the newsletter, such as seeing the rough draft, letters from contributors, as well as the hiring process behind it. Ultimately, our research helped us better understand the social and political climates at the time. In this exhibit, we delve into early editions of NEWS as well as correspondence between the team behind NEWS and other figures within its social sphere to analyse the spirit of NEWS as well as how the undertaking was received by the public. 

However, one interesting factor that is not explored in our exhibit is how this contrasts to Robinson's other works, namely Canada Calling, which is explored in Emma and Mel's exhibit. Further research could look into the differences in her writing styles and topics and contrast how much of this was due to the necessity of coverage on political topics and how much was Robinson's own desire to found a politics-based newspaper.