Chatelaine Page 4 January 1953

Chatelaine Page 4, January 1953

Page 4 of Chatelaine, January 1953

Taking everything into account, Judith Robinson’s time at Chatelaine was cut short by clear differences of opinion between her and the magazine’s editors. As a result, her work at Chatelaine is very poorly reflected in the records she kept. There was notable lack of any reader responses to her work in Chatelaine, and the letters she did keep don’t show any particular attachment to the magazine or to her career there. This indicates that Judith thought this was not a significant period in her career.

Chatelaine Cover January 1953

Chatelaine Cover January 1953

Cover of Chatelaine, January 1953

As a prominent women’s magazine, Chatelaine had certain molds they were expecting Judith to fit, especially considering that Robinson was writing for them before the tenure of their more feminist editor Doris Anderson. They pushed her to be more entertainment-focused, as shown in their letters. Perhaps if she had been writing for them a few years later, under Anderson, her employment would have worked out better.

Throughout the research we conducted, we found ourselves having more questions than answers. Chatelaine was a minimal episode in her career, thus we did not have a lot of material to reflect on and had to make assumptions. This is evident throughout the pages of this project that are filled with questions with no possible answers, as we cannot ask Judith herself why her experience at Chatelaine was the way it was. All we can say for certain is that the records show that Judith’s time at Chatelaine was just a footnote in her career.

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