Reviews and Reception

The reviews provided below recognise the legacy and reception of Judith Robinson. Commenting and reflecting on Juith's analysis within her book This is On The House (1957). Reflecting on the political representations and even commenting on Grassicks Illustrations, these reviews represent the divide and political complications following 1957 and the book's publication.

'This is On The House' Review 1

This review of Juith Robinson's work reflects on the positve reception Judoith recieved from post-publication. Here, Margaret Aitken writes in 'Between You and Me', admiring the way Judith writes and speaks highly of her political opinions and beliefs.  

'This is On The House' Review 2

This review relefcts on the Conservative views of Judiths analysis provided in This is On The House


'This is On The House' Review 3

This reviewer considers This is On The House, money well spent. Paying attention to the "faults" of the book, Harold Horwood provides a criticism of Judith's work. Having issues with the books presentation, but still recognizing its political importance during its time. 

'This is On The House' Review 4

The review above, provided by L. M. McKechnie, on This is On The House (1957), speaks highly of the journalist. The reporter from The Sunday Telegram applauds Judith for her contributions to the preservation of Canadian history and politics.

'This is On The House' Review 5

This newspaper review on This is On The House recognizes and supports Judith's political stance against the Liberal government and their actions prior to 1957. 

Pages and Illustrations within This is On The House (1957).

Cartoon drawing from Grassick 2

Cartoon Illustration of Howe from Grassick within This is On The House (1957).

'This is On The House'. Judith Robinson and Grassick

Page introducing Grassick and Judith and their  roles within the book, This is On The House (1957).

'This is on The House' (1957)

Title page within This is On The House (1957). Recognition of publishers McClelland & Stewart Limited.

'This is On The House' contents

Content Page of This si On The House (1957). 

'This is On The House' Acknowledgement page

Acknowledgements page within This is On The House (1957). 

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