Women and the War

 Upon observation many women helped to aid their country by utilizing their physical and rhetorical power in the hopes of pressuring more men to fight in the war. Women themselves were turned into a form of propaganda through gendered patriotism which suggested that war would be the better option for men compared to being publicly humiliated by a woman. Women handed out white feathers to men not in uniform to shame them into remembering their country’s needs. The white feather symbolized issues pertaining to sexual selection, bravery, and cowardice thus allowing women to implement humiliation tactics which shamed men into joining military services.





This poster uses pathos to evoke specific emotions in men that is supposed to guilt trip them into enlisting. The diction used also implies a sense of urgency followed by dangerous consequences if men continue to delay their enlistment. This poster additionally appeals to men’s emotions through patriotism by giving them reasons to fight that exist outside of themselves. 












This poster features two women and a small boy glancing out of a window towards a group of male soldiers. In this case, women themselves are turned into a form of propaganda by humiliating men into joining military services. The idea was that men would prefer to enlist and fight, rather than be publicly humiliated by a woman.













This poster calls to the reader on a personal and intimate level and makes them feel as if they are an agent of war, who can save the country. The soldiers featured in the background have already joined the war effort and are now waiting for “you”. This poster is supposed to make men feel ashamed for not enlisting, while also attacking their sense of duty.

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