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The New Museum p. 1

The New Museum

Written by Charles Currelly, the Royal Ontario Museum's first director, this article published in the University of Toronto’s alumni journal announces the plans for the establishment of the new museum. Notably, “The New Museum” was published in 1911, just over a year prior to the Royal Ontario Museum Act passing through Ontario Legislature. Thus, if Currelly’s intense enthusiasm is not immediately apparent from his prose, his eagerness to spread word about the museum certainly betrays all.

Charles Currelly's Notebook

Charles Currelly's Notebook

As director of the Royal Ontario Museum and head of the Paleontology Department, Charles Currelly spent much time traveling across Europe to acquire artefacts for the museum to display. This page, from Currelly's notebook that he kept during his time in Europe in the 1910s, contains handwritten notes about various artefacts that he seems to have encountered, including Irish Bronze implements, 4 daggers, 4 spear heads, and 1 sword. Currelly's interest in artefacts from across the globe significantly contributed to the museum's legacy of showcasing the diversity of cultures around the world.

Charles Currelly Timeline

Charles Currelly's Timeline

This loose leaf, which was included with Charles Currelly's notebooks and other possessions, shows a comprehensive timeline of Currelly's life from his birth in 1876 until the opening of the Royal Ontario Museum in 1914. It is possible that these events were compiled to aid Currelly in writing his autobiography, I Brought the Ages Home, which was first published in 1956.

Board of Directors Note

Board of Directors Note

Dated Thursday, 19 March 1914, the day of the Royal Ontario Museum's grand opening, this note was written by Byron Edward Walker, one of the core founders and financial supporters of the museum. Here, Walker details the logistics of the museum's opening, specifically the mailing of invitations and the employment of security guards. The attention to the precise allocation of the budget reveals Walker's practical nature, which served to temper Currelly's irrepressible keenness.

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