The Grand Opening

Illuminated Address book

Illuminated Address Book

This hand lettered and illuminated address book was used by the Duke of Connaught at the opening of the museum. The speeches were illuminated by artist A. H. Howard The book contains the speeches of different members such as Connaught and Edmund Walker. Included in the book are different drawings of the original building.

Drawn Building

Drawings of ROM

This original painting of the Royal Ontario Museum was included in the Address from the Royal Ontario Museum Toronto. The hand drawn drawing shows the original museum building as it was on the Philosophers Walk. The original floor plan which was also hand drawn would soon go through expansion in 1933 to account for the museum’s growth.

Finalizing Construction

Finishing Touches

This article from the Toronto Daily Star details the final days before the opening to get people excited noting the “workmen cut and trimmed the last pieces of walnut necessary to finish the display cases.” Leading up to the opening of the museum many articles detailed the professors involved and particulars on original collections. Admission cost is also mentioned with the museum costing 15 cents on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. The rest of the days were free, excluding Sundays where the museum would be closed.

Duke of Connaught Appearance

His Royal Highness Attends

The opening of the museum was a large event which attracted notable government figures such as The Duke of Connaught. Members of the Royal Ontario Museum also gained quite a bit of popularity from being associated with the opening. While being connected to the University of Toronto, the ROM's opening was focused on it's appeal to the public.

Opening Ceremony and Guest List

Opening Ceremony and Guests

After the museum opened newspapers covered the opening events and those who were present. The Toronto Daily Star describes the grandeur of the event for those privileged enough to be invited. The Daily Star goes on to list the notable attendees and specifying if they are from important institutions. The ROM would be a tool to educate the public, but also served as a cultural instiution to demonstrate high class.

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