[Margaret "The Dragon Lady" Lyons at CBC]

Welcome to the digital exhibit "Remembering Margaret Lyons"

"I'm well aware that I used to be unofficially called the Dragon Lady in some CBC circles. The nickname doesn't bother me in the least."

- Margaret Keiko Lyons

The greatest aspect of Margaret Lyons' story lies not in her considerable and groundbreaking professional achievements in publishing and broadcasting. Nor does it lie in her numerous awards or even her and husband Ed Lyons' generous, continued philanthrophy. Any of these things alone would be the cornerstone of most individuals' legacies. If we are the remember one thing about Margaret Lyons, it should be her complete and utter fearlessness. Here was a woman of Asian decent and diminutive stature, who entered a largely European, male-dominated world and became a leader.

As an undergraduate here at McMaster, she served as one of the heads of the Student Representative Assembly and at the school newspaper the Silhouette, working her way up to become the Editor-in-Chief of the publication.

Later in her career, she became the first female Manager of Current Affairs at CBC Radio and eventually went on to become its first female Vice-President.

The Lyons New Media Centre is an extension of that forward-thinking, courageous spirit and we are very proud to carry her name.


Please enjoy this visual celebration of Margaret Lyons' life and her ongoing legacy.