Chi-Miigwetch / Thank You

Chi-Miigwetch to Basil H. Johnston for all the time, effort, and beauty that is within your work. Chi-Miigwetch to McMaster Indigenous Research Institute (MIRI) for allowing myself to be a part of this project, which gave me an opportunity to reconnect with the Anishinaabe stories, traditions, language and culture that I was not able to surround myself with growing up.  Chi-Miigwetch to McMaster University's William Ready Division of Archives and Research Collections, and to my supervisors Myron Groover and Gillian Dunks, for all of your guidance, knowledge, and training that was gifted to myself during the timeline of the project. Chi-Miigwetch to everyone who will see this exhibit; may you be educated about Anishinaabe traditions, stories, and culture; may we reconnect in ways that we have always dreamed of.