Debwewin / Truth

The teaching of Debwewin (Truth) is represented by Maginauk (Turtle), as Maginauk was the one to carry Mother Earth on their back — this is why this land is known as Turtle Island. Within the teaching of Truth, Maginauk has a slow pace, which helps Turtle to understand their journey and to fulfil their destination. Truth means to know all and understand all, without judgement and harm. Following the teaching of Truth allows us to live in peace and harmony — not only within ourselves, but with others as well. Chi-Miigwetch.


A story about Anishinaabe knowledge of rock art, known as petroglyphs, and what this knowledge represents in the connection of the past and the present. Petroglyphs, also known as Teaching Rocks, represent tangible and intangible knowledge of Anishinaabe traditions. These are passed from generation to generation through visual representation and storytelling.

History of the Ojibway Peoples

A newspaper article by Basil Johnston that elaborates on the history and creation of the Anishinaabe peoples. Sky woman fell from the sky into water and those who guide us — the Seven Sacred Teachings — came to her aid and created Turtle Island. This story represents the harmony that Anishinaabe peoples have always lived by, in connection with the laws and traditions that guide us.

Language (Draft)

A story about the importance and the significance of the Anishinaabemowin language, and the risk of losing the language. Being able to speak Anishinaabemowin is sacred and stands as a living connection to our ancestors who thrived within a time where colonization was just beginning. This includes a list of communities within Canada and the USA which speak Anishinaabemowin and/or have ties to Anishinaabe traditions and culture.

The Modern Weendigoes

A short story about Weendigo, a trickster and/or a mythological creature that can be represented within our lives as deceit and/or unfaithfulness. Its actions can bring devastation and disharmony. Being truthful to ourselves and those around us removes and protects from whatever harms Weendigo may cause.

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