Gwayakwaadiziwin / Honesty

The teaching of Gwayakwaadiziwin (Honesty) is represented by Sabé (Big Foot), the one who understands how to walk in the spiritual and physical world. Sabé is the one who reminds us of who we are and the importance of being honest with oneself every day. Honesty permits us to hold understanding and compassion for those who surround ourselves — and for ourselves as well. Gwayakwaadiziwin can lead to beautiful things within our time on Turtle Island; it helps us to be transparent and to communicate in a healthy manner, so as to not to be hurtful as we progress along our journey. Chi-Miigwetch.

How I Learned to Read

A short story of how Basil Johnston and his mother learned how to read with one another. Bonding through syllables and consonants, Basil Johnston would accompany his mother in her journey of learning how to read; a skill that would come to be useful later on within his lifetime as an educator and historian.

Tree of Life

A short story of appreciation for the trees that grow and help us thrive within our nation. This brings an understanding of what each tree can bring to our lives in the terms of health and well-being; and how we give thanks for the heart work that the trees have gifted us.

Anishinaubae Myths & Legends

A short story about an Anishinaabe man who lost his way and began to seek ways to return to traditional ways of being. Learning who we are as Anishinaabe peoples is beautiful and painful, but filled with the humblest moments of honesty that we need within our life journey.

Explanation to the 38 Stories and Innovations

A short story about Nanaboozoo, the time when the settlers began to arrive, and the altered lifeways of Anishinaabe peoples within this time. This story offers insight into the future of Anishinaabe peoples — and our traditions, which we have always known.

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