Zaagi ' idiwin / Love

The teaching of Zaagi’ idiwin (Love) is represented by Migizii (Eagle), the one who carries all the teachings. Migizii is the closest animal to Creator and has seen many things within their lifetime. Love can be found within Migizii feathers, which is the highest honour that one can be gifted. Love is an act that can be gifted and received in many ways and forms; the giving and receiving of love is good for the health and wellness of oneself and others. Chi-Miigwetch.

The Grandchildren

A short story about the bond between grandchildren and grandparents (Nokomis and Mishomish) and all that we can learn and grow from one another. This speaks to the beauty of kinship, sustainability, intergenerational teaching, and love that grandparents have for their grandchildren.


A short story about the creation of Heart Medicine: the strawberry. The strawberry represents how we love ourselves and those who surround us; the seeds can be used to grow and continue the generational love for one another within the Anishinaabe nation.  

Is There A Place For Me On This Blanket?

An introduction to the concept of multiculturalism within Canada, viewed from an Anishinaabe perspective. When we talk about “multiculturalism,” Indigenous peoples seem to be forgotten or swept under the rug; these teachings sustain us and show that we are still here, thriving and healing one day at a time.

Lucie (Poem)

A poem about love for a spouse, the life partner that Kitchi Manitou has gifted us. The agency of Anishinaabe teachings while being with a life partner, learning and healing from one another with one another.

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