Dabasendiziwin / Humility

The teaching of Dabasendiziwin (Humility) is represented by Myeengun (Wolf), the one who is a part of the pack but also shows grace within their leadership. Humility is to live for the greater good of those who are around you, to be selfless and not selfish. Cultivating an understanding of all and an appreciation for those who are by our side within the darkest moments allows for us to have empathy and compassion for those who may be in need. This perspective of compassion and equality teaches us to help others to succeed; our communities benefit when we enact humility and balance in our own lives. Chi-Miigwetch.

Nanabush Songs

A short story of Nanabush and the hunger that he felt, along with the sacrifice of going without and food or water. Within survival mode, Nanabush was able to entice the animals and spirits around him with song and dance — in the end, song and dance were what enabled him to cure his hunger.

The Vision

A shorty story about Kitchi Manitou and how Turtle Island became to be, giving us a vision of how the world is supposed to be. Those who inhabit Turtle Island have a duty to fulfill as Anishinaabe peoples; our roles within our communities need to be considered, as do our inner selves.

The Maple Sugar Festival

A short story about Spring awakening and the gift of life that comes from the Maple tree, Sap. This marks a new season of rejuvenation and well-being that is gifted to us, as Winter comes to an end and Spring begins to blossom, revealing all the beauty within Turtle Island.

Meegwunaubae's Dream

A short story about finding oneself as an Anishinaabe person and the purpose that we have been gifted by Kitchi Manitou while we are physically within Turtle Island.

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