Zoongidi ' idiwin / Courage

The teaching of Zoongide’ idiwin (Courage) is represented by Maakwa (Bear), the one who faces every situation head-on and does not hold back. Within the teaching of Courage, we see how Maakwa lives in balance — surviving, but also resting, playing, and enjoying life! As we learn and grow, we will find ourselves in scenarios or situations when we face difficulty, and our courage will be strength that we need during these times. Facing our fears, whether large or small, is terrifying at times, but doing so is the most courageous thing of all. Chi-Miigwetch.

Introduction to Ojibway Legends

The introduction of storytelling with Anishinaabe legends and tales that have been gifted to future generations. Legends, tales, and storytelling allows for us as Anishinaabe peoples to understand and interpret the world around us.

Once (Poem)

A poem about the historical significance of how life once was for Anishinaabe peoples. This recognizes sustainability and living life from the land, and shows the importance of being thankful for what Creator has gifted us. This grants us perspective on how things can change throughout time.

Bridging the Gaps

A story of a young Anishinaabe woman who made attempts to reconnect to her language and the understanding of traditional ways. Understanding the importance of incorporating and learning traditions within our own lives, and how we make those traditions a reality on a daily basis, helps us to reconnect to everything that we have always known as Anishinaabe peoples.

Little Thunderbirds Lose Their Moccasins

A short story of Thunderbirds and Eagles. This speaks to kinship and the courage that mothers carry within themselves as our first teachers and educators. It also shows the playfulness that young ones have and all the craziness they can get themselves into from time to time as they enjoy their youthful bravery and exploration of the world!

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