Nibwaakaawin / Wisdom

The teaching of Nibwaakaawin (Wisdom) is represented by Amik (Beaver), the one who uses their gifts wisely in order to sustain a good life. Within our lives, Wisdom is a gift of guidance that we receive and reciprocate to those who surround us. Understanding and recognizing that everyone has gifts in their own ways, and the way each person uses their gifts in their own time, is the Wisdom of learning and patience. Observing and listening to those around us gives us the teachings of Wisdom and the awareness of how things change over time — like how Amik changes the environment to build their home. Chi-Miigwetch.

Pipe of Peace

A short story about the ceremonial significance and creation of the Pipe of Peace. Within Anishinaabe tradition, the Pipe of Peace is made from components of Mother Earth that are provided to us by Kitchi Manitou. Using the Pipe of Peace within ceremony is a way of giving thanks to Kitchi Manitou and healing within our nation.

No Man Likes His All Neglected... Little

A shorty story about the contact with European peoples and how Anishinaabe peoples interpreted and understood the new settlers within Turtle Island. This teaches us about how the world we once lived in as Anishinaabe peoples still exists through the voices of those who walked before us.

N' sheemaehn - Chickadee Is My Sister/Brother

A short story of applying trust and the importance of watching over family members and other kin. If we are not careful, the ones that we love can be taken from us without a moment’s notice. This teaches us accountability and gratefulness for those what we love within our everyday lives.

Code For A Long Life And Wisdom

A poem about thankfulness for all the gifts we have received from Kitchi Manitou; we honour these gifts and do not take them for granted within our lifetime.

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